Danson Park Fireworks

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Telephone enquiries - 07787165110

Why not come and help us...

We are blessed with help and support from the local service clubs of Welling every year but, if you are interested from an individual point of view, why not come down on the Friday and/or Saturday and get involved in one of the most enjoyable weekends on our Round Table annual calendar? The fireworks event is one that has always attracted new members, as we are seen every year having so much fun and fellowship organising the event in the park all weekend. If you're interested, please complete the form below or get in touch via the contact page...

" RVH support

Thanks to our supporters and helpers

Pheonix Fireworks

JC Electrical

Danson Boathouse


DRS Caterers
St John Ambulance

Forrest Ammusements

Threappleton Printers
 Greenwich & Bexley Hospice

Eve Trakway
Vigilance Properties  

A big thank you to all the above companies for their help and support with this years event


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